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"...over many years I have followed with fascination and admiration the steady rise of Gabriel Arnold's technique and musicality. Here is a real talent combined with personal modesty and very delightful charm and presence."
Antony Dean, November 12th 2007
Former Director Radio Program Department, European Broadcasting Union


" the International Arts Festival, the European Yamaha scholarship winner Gabriel Arnold, won a standing ovation from the audience"
Sussex, EG Courier, August 14th 2003


"Gabriel Arnold is a most remarkable pianist. He represents one of the few hopes for rejuvenating Classical piano music and recuperating a dwindling public. He has technique to burn, romantic appeal, style and elegance, and knows how to communicate with his public. What more can one ask of a performer?"
Mario Feninger, Los Angeles, Oct. 15th 2007
Concert pianist, teacher, author and composer


...J.S.Bach Partita No.1 in B flat, BWV 825, Gabriel Emanuel Arnold played it with the greatest ease,  with refinement and grandeur...with Béla Bartok, Sonata 1926, he fascinated the whole concert hall, time by time he grips his audience… J. Brahms Sonata No. 3 f-minor was played with very high standard, true to the original, and particularly beautiful the second movement.
Hans Blaser, Solothurner Zeitung 15.12.2009


Gabriel Emanuel Arnold is an exquisite musician, lyrical as well as dramatically, a very expressive interpreter. He is a virtuoso and played with bravado Mendelssohn, ‘Variations sérieuses’ Op. 54,  and with sovereign earnestness Beethoven, Sonata Op. 111. This elevated music he interpreted with care throughout the concert and with vehement ardor.
Silvia Rietz, 13.10.2008


…majestic resounds Gabriel Emanuel Arnolds beginning of the Chaconne by Bach-Busoni, then, in a later passage, sensitive, almost like a softly whisper … the theme with fast runs he played with great ease and transparency, magical strings of pearls.
Berner Zeitung, 14.10.2008


…the highlight of the concert was Gabriel Emanuel Arnold, who played the piano concerto in d-miner BWV 1052 by J. S. Bach, and the piano concerto in D-Major by J. Haydn. Arnold is a bright, sensible, wise soloist, who plays light-footed, rhythmical, lively and vivacious. He performs elegant music with poetry, melos and lyric.
Silvia Rietz, 12.3.2012


…with verve and empathy, Gabriel Emanuel Arnold interpreted Carl Maria von Weber ‘Konzertstück’ f-minor,  knowledgeably, with  bravado and played with such virtuosity…
Solothurner Zeitung, 27.3.2007


…audience enthusiastic about virtuoso! …Gabriel Emanuel Arnold livens up the piano concerto in c-minor KV 491 by W. A. Mozart, sweepingly and tunefully, and articulates lyric with fantacy, warmth and depth, although choosing dramatic tempi…
Grenchner Tagblatt, 30.3.2004


Gabriel Emanuel Arnolds playing is well-thought out, well modulated, emotional and communicative, and yet, upon demand…he has a lovely tone and fast, glittery passage work, a rising star…
Brooks, Los Angeles 20.9.2006


…J. S. Bach, Partita No. 6 in e-minor BWV 830…bright and shiny…this baroque beauty was performed by Gabriel Emanuel Arnold  on a high level, true to the original, and very lightly...
Michael  Langjahr,  Stuttgart,  Fellbach-Tagblatt 20.8.2004